As the country was getting caught up in the high-tech bubble in 1999; Ultimate Power was created with a low-tech philosophy: individualized attention, customer service and follow-up quality control.
Founder Matt Spruck identified a need for more efficient power conversion systems with the customer in mind. What do end-users want to run in their vehicles? Since then, Ultimate Power has become an increasingly dominant player in the utility and telecommunications industries, selling 20,000 inverters designed to power equipment for continuous duty. Among the notable customer base are: Century Link, Spectrum, XCEL Energy, Oncor, NSTAR, and Cox Communications.
Ultimate Power’s unique ability to combine performance with personal attention has expanded its sights into new markets: the marine, recreational vehicle and emergency vehicle industries, to name a few.

New and improved dynamics and old-fashioned, hands-on service is moving Ultimate Power headlong into the 21st century.

when performance matters

 primary focus

At Ultimate Power, our primary focus it to provide:
• A quality product that works under extreme conditions
• Individualized attention and care

• Great customer service
• A thorough understanding of your application
• Prompt and accurate follow-up to issues that may arise
• Delivery that meets or exceeds your expectations

 better solutions

• We integrate our experience, technology and knowledge to achieve maximum efficiencies while reducing expenses
• We take the time necessary to research actual power usage for every application
• Our advance replacement guarantee is second to none

 better built

• Heavy Duty, Pure Sine Wave Inverters
• Built-in 4-stage Battery Charger
• Among the Highest Surge Ratings in the Industry
• Industry leading, Warranty/Advance Replacement Program

 better for the environment

• No wasted energy
• Renewable Energy Source
• Limits the use of Fossil Fuels and Noise Pollution


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