inverter chargers

Our inverter-chargers are low-frequency, transformer-based systems designed to power ample loads over an extended period of time. They feature a non-corrosive exterior cabinet, internal ventilation fans to dispense heat.

battery management devices

Battery separators are designed to isolate the chassis battery from the auxiliary battery bank. It’s primary purpose is to prevent the entire electrical system from failing. It controls the flow of current by monitoring voltage output.

lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries are made up of a series of 3V cells. Strung together, they can deliver consistent performance time after time after time. Inside each cell is a battery management system which monitors a consistent discharge that is reliable and strong.

our five year warranty

Ultimate Power Company extends the following warranty to the original purchaser of those goods subject to the qualification indicated:

  1. Ultimate Power warrants to the original purchaser for use that the goods or any component thereof of any inverter-charger in the PCUL Series manufactured by Ultimate Power will be free from defects in workmanship from date of purchase, provided that such goods are installed, maintained and used in accordance with manufacturer’s written instructions. See product specification sheets for specific warranty period.
  2.  Components not manufactured by Ultimate Power, but used within the assembly provided by Ultimate Power, are subject to the warranty period as specified by the individual manufacture of said component, provided such goods are installed, maintained and used in accordance with Ultimate Power and the manufacture’s written instructions.
  3. Ultimate Power’s sole liability and the purchaser’s sole remedy for the failure of goods under this limited warranty and for any and all claims arising out of the purchase and use of the goods shall be limited to the repair or replacement of goods that do not conform to the warranty.
  4. Ultimate Power’s Advance Replacement Policy: If an Ultimate Power employee and/or an authorized distributor’s service technician deems that a problem exists with an Ultimate Power manufactured product, then Ultimate Power will ship a replacement part to match that of the defective product. Ultimate Power will pay the ground service shipping cost to the customer and provide a return shipping label for its return.The customer must put the defective product in the same carton in which the replacement product arrived, and ship promptly back to Ultimate Power.

The customer will be charged for the replacement product at the original purchase price if:

  • Ultimate Power does not receive the defective product within 30 days;
  • The product is damaged from improper packaging for return shipping;
  • The product is found not to be defective


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