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utility work trucks

Work and utility trucks use electronic equipment frequently when the vehicle is stationary and the motor isn’t running. To operate power drills, hammers, wrenches, air compressors…


emergency vehicles

In an emergency every moment counts, and inverter/chargers have to be at their best and most reliable output to keep up with rescue tools, life support systems, IV pumps, monitors…


service vehicles

More demands are placed on commercial and industrial drivers to service their customers and deliver the goods like never before. This means longer driver hours requiring better quality control…


otr trucks

OTR Trucks, big and small, can add amenities and service to their customers by offering inverter/charger driven “AC” appliances to their list of features.Power inverters can take the strain off of alternator-driven DC loads…


recreational vehicles

Motor coaches have become houses on wheels. Therefore, inverter/chargers help supply the AC power for all the amenities that a household could want: refrigerator, TV, microwave, convection oven, lighting, air conditioning,…


public works

Public Works trucks need reliable power to perform the day to day duties of our municipal workers and the tough job environments they endure. The Ultimate Power inverter/charger solution is as a heavy duty, low frequency, pure sine wave inverter/charger that is designed…


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