Product Specifications

  • Model Number: BSL150
  • Maximum Current: 150A
  • Direction: Single
  • Logic Power Current Draw: 5mA
    Operating Voltage Range: 8-16 VDC
  • Over Current Trip: continuous duty, 110% for 500ms, resets automatically every 20s
  • High Voltage Protection: 16 VDC
  • High Temperature Protection: 185 F
  • Status Indicator: LED
  • Control Input Voltage: >8 VDC to activate, <4 VDC to deactivate
  • Alarm Terminal Activated Voltage:    12.5/11.5/11/10.5 VDC (configurable)
  • Shut Off Voltage: <10.5/10/8.0 VDC (configurable)
  • Shut Off Delay: 1 second

Product Features

  • Shut Off Recovery Voltage: >10.75/10.25/8.25 VDC (configurable)
  • Power Terminals: M10 copper with tin plating, and stainless steel locking nuts
  • Power Terminal Torque: 10-15 foot pounds
  • Ground Connection: 1/4 inch male faston blade terminal
  • Weight: 1.63 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4 1/4” x 4 1/2” x 2 1/4”
  • LED INDICATOR: Green: switch on; Solid Red: low voltage alarm; Flashing Red: over voltage cut-off; Flashing Green: over current or over temp cut-off; Dim: low voltage cut-off
  • Mounting: BSL performs optimally on a metal surface; non-metallic surface will reduce capacity by 25%

Status Diagram

Battery switches or contactors disconnect 12-volt loads from individual circuits connected to the chassis battery. What makes ours special is the logic circuitry that accommodates different voltage cut-offs via toggled dip switches. Additionally, an alarm or LED signal can be tied into the switch as a low voltage warning. The switch can be bypassed and shut off by disconnecting the ground. Our contactors are made of the highest quality anodized aluminum with copper and tin-plated connectors and stainless steel locking nuts. It is solid state with no moving parts and carries a two-year advance replacement warranty.

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