Product Specifications

  • Model Number: BSD200
  • Maximum Current: 200A
  • Direction: Dual
  • Logic Power Current Draw: 5mA
  • Operating Voltage Range: 9-16 VDC
  • Over Current Trip: continuous duty, 100-110% for 500ms; surge, 150% for 2s, resets automatically every 20s
  • High Voltage Protection: 16 VDC
  • High Temperature Protection: 185 F
  • Status Indicator: LED
  • Sense: Dual
  • Connect Voltage: one battery voltage above 13.1 VDC for 20s; another above 8.0 VDC
  • Disconnect Voltage: both battery voltage below 12.8 VDC for 10s

Product Features

  • Auxiliary Start Function: both batteries above 8.0 VDC, manual control
  • Power Terminals: M10 copper with tin plating, and stainless steel locking nuts
  • Power Terminal Torque: 10-15 foot pounds
  • Ground Connection: both 6.3 plate and ground pad at each of the mounting holes
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 4 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ x 2 1/4″
  • LED INDICATOR: Green: switch on; Red: low voltage & disconnect; Off: disconnect or over voltage
  • Mounting: BSD performs optimally on a metal surface; non-metallic surface will reduce capacity by 25%

Product Sizing and Wiring

Battery separators are designed to isolate the chassis battery from the auxiliary battery bank. Its primary purpose is to prevent the entire electrical system from failing. It controls the flow of current by monitoring voltage output. Our separators are made of the highest quality anodized aluminum with copper and tin-plated connectors and stainless steel locking nuts. It is solid state with no moving parts and carries a two-year advance replacement warranty.

Product Sizing


Product Wiring

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