150A Lithium-Ion Battery

Product Specifications

  • Model Number: UPL-24150F
  • Battery Type: LiFePO4
  • Nominal Voltage: 27.2V
  • Nominal Capacity: 150Ah
  • Internal Impedance: < or equal 10m(ohm symbol)
  • Nominal Charge Voltage: 29.4+ (or minus) 0.05V
  • Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 21.2 + (or minus) 0.05V
  • Max. Charge Current: 80 amps
  • Max. Continue Discharge Current: 100 amps
  • Charge Method: CC (constant charge) | CV (constant voltage)
  • Cycle Life: After 2,000 cycles, capacity > 80% nominal capacity
  • Weight:  77.2 lbs. (35 kg.)
  • Size (L*W*H): 20.5″ x 10.6″ x 8.7″ (520 x 269 x 221mm)

Operating Temperatures

  • Operating Temperature Charge: 32-113F (0-45C)
  • Operating Temperature Discharge: 14  – 140  F (-10 – 60  C)
  • Storage Temperature: 41-95F (5-35 C)
  • Relative Humidity: 65% +(or minus) 20%

Product Features

Unit Details

Cycle Life

  • Temperature: 77-86  F(25-30 C); Charge, 1C CC to 29.4V, and CV to 200mA cut off; Discharge, 1C DC discharge to 21.2V, 80% or more of 1st cycle capacity at 1C discharge of operation, cycles quantity must not less than 2,000 cycles.
  • Remarks: Rest 10 min. after charge and discharge
  • Standard Charge: Charging the cell initially with constant current at 1C and then with constant voltage at 29.4V (accuracy +(or minus) 0.05V) until charging current declines to 1C at 77-86  F(25-30C)
  • Standard Discharge: Discharging the cell with constant current at 1C till cut-off voltage at 21.2V. Temperature: 77-86  F (25-30C)
  • Initial Internal Impedance: This means AC impedance of the pack measured at 1KHz after half fully charged. Initial Internal Impedance < (or equal)10m(ohm)
  •  Initial Capacity: The capacity means the discharge capacity of the battery, which is measured with discharge current of 1C with 21.2V cut-off voltage after the standard charge.
  • Initial Capacity: @95% normal capacity. Temperature: 7 -86  F(25-30  C).
  • Charge Choice
    • Standard charger: 29.4V/80A
    • Charging mode: CC/CV
    • CC: charging current <(or equal) 80A
    • CV: constant voltage 29.4V
    • Charging cut off condition <(or equal) 200mA
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